Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to print my ticket bought on-line?

A: No, if you have bought a ticket online you can board our vessels by showing our crew the e-ticket.

Q: Where can I find your sailing schedule and the price list?

A: They are available on our web page under „Timetable“ then „Download sailing schedule and price list“ by the line you are interested in traveling with.

Q: How much luggage am I allowed to bring aboard?

A: We allow 20 kg of luggage per passenger. It is not possible to purchase additional weight because our catamarans do not have unlimited cargo space. However, our crew will always allow you to board with additional luggage if there is room for it onboard.

Q: Where do I embark on and disembark from your vessels?

A: You can find the locations of all TP Line ferry terminals on our web page under option "Boarding places" .

Q: How can I buy TP Line tickets?

A: You can buy them online using our web page or mobile application. It is also possible to buy tickets at ticket sale points and on vessel before departure if there are available seats on the vessel.

Q: Where your ticket sale points are located?

A: You can find location of our tickets sale points on our web page under option "Tickets sales."

Q: Can I make a reservation of tickets?

A: We do not provide reservation of tickets.

Q: Are the vessels equipped with toilets and Wi-Fi?

A: All our vessels are equipped with toilets and free Wi-Fi.

Q: Can I buy food or drinks on your vessels?

A: The vessels Proversa and Kalelarga offer bars where you can buy drinks, and the catamaran Arta has a vending machine where you may buy snacks and drinks.

Q: Are your vessels air-conditioned? Is it possible to travel on the open deck?

A: All the passengers travel in an air-conditioned indoor passenger area. It is not possible to go to the open deck during the voyage.

Q: Do you offer the transportation of pets?

A: Small pets are allowed to be transported in the salons, only in a carrying bag and pets are transported in a specially designed bag of maximum dimensions 45 x 35 x 25 cm with a waterproof bottom. The total weight of a bag with a pet must not exceed 8 kg.

For all other categories of pets, transportation is prohibited, unless the technical conditions on board are met, i.e. boxes on open decks on catamarans (which are reserved and charged for).

Q: Is it possible to transport bicycles and cargo on your vessels?

A: Our vessels are not designed to transport bicycles or cargo and the lines they operate on are only meant for passenger transport. However, the captain can allow the transport of bicycles or any kind of oversized luggage as a piece of passenger’s personal luggage if he estimates that the transport of the object is possible and that there is enough space on the vessel for it.

Q: I am traveling with my children. Do they get a discount?

A: Children from 0-1 years old travel on our vessels free of charge, as long as they sit on their parent's laps. On all lines, children aged 1-3 travel for free, and children aged 3-12 receive a discount in accordance with the price list.

Q: Can I use the island resident card to get a discount on all of your lines?

A: We only award the discount to island residents on state fast passenger lines 9807 and 9808 operated by the vessels Aenona and Anastazija.

Q: The voyage I bought the tickets for has been canceled. What should I do?

A: You are granted a 100% refund. Please send us a refund request so we can process it and attach to it a scan or a photograph of your tickets. If you bought tickets through the sales channels of our partners, our partners will reimburse you for the canceled voyage.

Q: I no longer want to use the ticket I bought. What should I do?

A: It is possible to get a 90% refund if you submit a refund request at least 6 hours before the voyage the tickets were bought for. Tickets cannot be exchanged. In case your tickets were purchased online, please submit your refund request by e-mail. In case they were purchased on a sale point and paid by a bank card please attach the card slip to your request. If the tickets were purchased at a sale point and paid by cash the refund can only be requested at the sale point where the tickets were purchased. In that case, the refund must be requested no later than one hour before the voyage.

Q: What time is required to process a refund?

A: Usually, refunds are processed to the same payment source (card) within 30 days from our initial response to your request.

Q: When do I need to arrive at the departure (boading) point?

A: We kindly ask you to arrive at the departure (boarding) point no later than 15 minutes before the time of departure.

Q: How do I know which of your vessels I should board?

A: You can check it on our web page. Go to „Timetable“ where it is written which vessel operates on which line. Furthermore, you can find the exact position of the vessel under the option "Fleet- vessel positions".

Q: Do you offer the transport of vehicles?

A: No, all of our vessels only transport passengers.

Q: Which lines are you operating on?

A: We operate 3 seasonal commercial lines and two state fast passenger lines in central and southern Dalmatia. All the lines are operated by catamarans. Find out more on our webpage under „Timetable “.

Q: I am unable to purchase the tickets online. Can I buy them any other way?

A: It is not possible to buy tickets online if the vessel`s capacity is reached.

Q: I bought tickets online, but the tickets are not stored in "My tickets".

A: If you purchased the tickets as a guest, the tickets will not be stored in "My tickets" and the tickets will be sent to the e-mail address you entered during the purchase. It is necessary to create a user account in order for the tickets to be stored in your user account during buying process.